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I, Dr Yazdan Zargham, set up MED|ROOTS in March 2021. 

Since starting as a junior doctor in Staffordshire, I have questioned what specialty is right for me?

This question is not only challenging but very daunting, as this decision can affect my future career path and prospects. However, I noticed I wasn’t alone in asking this question.

Many foundation doctors suffer the same worries and difficulties concerning their choice of specialty training and on-going medical career.

Despite many publications providing guidance for medical students and foundation doctors to decide a specialty career path, many doctors may still face challenges with regards to this decision. Instead, doctors may choose to take a Foundation Year 3 Year or work as a locum doctor before making their mind up!

My experience of trying to choose what medical specialty and career path is right for me has led me to want to help others in this process. I would like to share my experience of choosing a medical specialty training path, to guide fellow junior doctors and medical students in making more informed choices.

A series of short video interviews with senior doctors from different disciplines to gather their views and experiences of their chosen specialty, are to be utilised as a resource to aid junior doctors and medical students in choosing what is the right speciality for them.

These experienced doctors include those in medicine, surgery, general practice, academia, medical education, medical politics, NHS management, writing, business and more.

I really hope you find this resource useful.

Good luck!

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